12 Terrific Turkey Day Ideas

12 Terrific Turkey Day Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about food, fun, and of course, giving thanks. As a kid, I loved anything that had to do with crafting. Scissors, glue, and scotch tape would easily keep me occupied for hours. Who doesn’t remember tracing their hand, cutting it out and drawing or gluing feathers to it?  Now I love creating Turkey Day activities with my little ones and setting our table with handmade decorations. Thanksgiving crafts are great because most are fairly easy and quick to put together. You have enough to worry about with getting the turkey in the oven, right? Even better, crafts like keepsake handprints can be brought out each year to remember how tiny they used to be.

I hope this quick round up of Thanksgiving crafts and snacks gets you inspired to make some memories with your kids. You can be thankful for the awesome memories you are creating!

Thanksgiving Kids Table (pictured)

Oreo Turkeys

Thanksgiving Garland (pictured)

Kids DIY Turkey Snack

Turkey Napkin Rings (pictured)

Turkey Handprints with Google Eyes

Mayflower Craft (pictured)

Mayflower Craft and Science Activity

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Treats (pictured)

Indian Corn Craft

Indian Corn Treat Bags

Thanksgiving Costumes: Indian Vest