15 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day.   Begun in 1970 as a way to honor the big blue planet we call home, the focus of Earth Day is national awareness of the environment.  Ecological issues dealing with the sustainability of resources such as fossil fuels and clean water are the focus of eco-activists. School children enjoy Earth Day activities to “Save the Earth” ranging from blue skies to green rain forests, while science fairs across the nation are populated with a new generation of young scientists who reconfirm the cycle of rain and the miracle of seeds.Earth Day Collage

But there would be no life on this Earth without the Sun – our mother star – our source of heat, light, and life. Solar energy affects every aspect of life on Earth. And today’s fledgling Einstein’s are as eager to learn about the sun as were their parents, and their grandparents.

Earth Day Activities

Here are 15 Earth Day activities  about the sun and solar energy to help you celebrate.

Sun melted crayons from No Time for Flash Cards

Smooth Black Stone from SunWind Solar Industries Inc

Solar Day Clock from SunWind Solar Industries Inc

Make a simple sundial from National Museum’s Liverpool Kids website

Paper Pinhole Projector from Examiner.com

Clean Water Using the Sun from Education.com

Fry an Egg from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Animation of a Solar Eclipse from Wikipedia

Sun Tracker from SunWind Solar Industries Inc

A Postage Stamp of Sunlight from SunWind Solar industries Inc.

Solar Car from Science Experiments for Kids

Wood Art from Green Planet Solar Energy.com

Mason Jar Solar Lights for Kids from TinkerLab

Solar Energy Balloon Blow UP from E is for Explore!

To learn how to make solar ovens for kids, check out  6 Homemade Solar Oven Projects for Kids from Sunshine On My Shoulder.6 Homemade Solar Ovens for kids