8 Reasons to Own a Jord Watch

{Disclosure: Jord was kind enough to send me a watch in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.}

I have seen the wood watches around social media, but had never seen one in person. Let me tell you, if you have never seen one up close and personal, you are missing out. The absolute, sheer beauty of this watch is beyond words and no picture could ever do it justice!

8 Reasons to Own a Jord Watch

8 Reasons to Own a Jord Watch

  1. They are more beautiful in person than they are in picture.
  2. They are a fashionable.
  3. They get all kinds of comments when you are out and about.
  4. They come packaged in a gorgeous wooden box.
  5. There are male and female watches.
  6. There are a variety of style options.
  7. The watches are made from natural and sustainably sourced wood from across the globe.
  8. While not water proof, they are splash proof making them wearable for every day.

Every time I wear my watch out of the house, I am stopped. People are constantly commenting on how it looks (and I have to admit, I think it may be the most fashionable thing I own!)

Ordering was easy once I figured out which watch I really wanted. There is such a great variety of face colors, wood colors, and sizes that I spent a couple days going through each of them a couple times before picking the one I liked the best.

I was able to measure my wrist and order the proper size. Unfortunately, I don’t like things clingy to my wrist so I ordered the quarter-size up (sizes are in inches plus centimeters.) You do not need to do that! My watch is now a slight big (you wouldn’t think a quarter of a centimeter would matter, but it does when you are picky!)

Be sure to note the size of the face of the watch as well. Again, I am super picky with things on my wrist and I didn’t pay much attention to the face size.

Sidney in Maple and Rose Gold Jord Wood Watch

I received the Sidney in Maple and Rose Gold. The face on this one is a little bigger than my second choice – the Cora in Maple and Lavender.

Don’t mistake what I am saying. I love my Jord watch. Just note that when you order, there are little details to keep in mind to make sure your purchase is 100% to your suiting.

Overall, I am so happy with my watch and don’t tell hubby, but I have been eyeing a few for him for a gift! I just have to narrow down the ones I like for him! Which is your favorite?

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