Adorable Baby Owl Craft

Make you own Baby Owl craft in no time with this simple Fall tutorial!Add some cuteness to your Fall decor with these simply adorable owls made from common household items.

Let me start out be saying how excited I am for this time of year.

Autumn has always been my favorite! I love the weather, the clothes, the food {especially anything pumpkin!}.

While I was out and about last weekend I saw an owl sitting on a fence. I’ve lived here for 6 years and that was a first. So, naturally, I had to Google it! There are actually several kinds of owls that make their home in Arizona {find a great list of indigenous species here}.

Here’s an easy way to bring a whole parliament of these amazing creatures into your Fall décor with this simple Baby Owl Craft.

SImple supply list for creating adorable baby owls with common household items.

Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need, most of which are probably in your house right now!

– cardboard tubes (empty toilet paper rolls to be exact)

– cupcake liners (just 2 per owl). Wilton has some fresh and unique designs!

– scrap paper (not much; just enough for the eyes and beak)

– scissors (again for the eyes and beak)

– a hot glue gun (good old Elmer’s glue works too, just not as quickly)

This Baby Owl craft is a piece of cake with just a few simple steps.

1- Start by folding in the top of the tube.

2- Add a drop of glue to one side to keep your fold in place.

3- Fold 1 cupcake liner in half.

4- Glue it to the back of the tube to create the wings.

Your baby owl craft is finished in a few simple steps.

5- For outstretched wings, cut a cupcake liner in half.

6- Glue each half on the back of the tube at a slight angle.

7- Cut another cupcake liner into thirds. Trim off the flat base so only the ruffles remain.

8- Glue each ruffle, starting at the bottom of the tube, to cover the tube with “feathers”.  Add eyes and a beak and Viola!

Whip up a parliament of owls in a jiffy with this simple tutorial.

These little cuties will add a touch of autumn to your home.

Happy Fall, y’all!