Coco Movie Review

Coco, Pixar’s newest movie, opens this Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving!

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Pixar’s ability to tell a great story continues to blow me away.  However, this story deals with a lot of death, some murder, and unsupportive family.  It seemed a bit of a darker tone than some of their previous movies.  But with that said, I really enjoyed the movie.  It had a great ending, that actually brought me to tears.

The movie is about a family, who has many generations-long ban on music; however, Miguel dreams of becoming a famous musician some day just like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.  He desperately tries to prove his talent, but he finds himself stuck in the colorful Land of the Dead. He meets his dead family members and a trickster, Hector.  Hector and Miguel become friends and go on a journey to figure out the real story behind Miguel’s family history and ban on music.

I saw the 3D version of Coco and while it was good, I wouldn’t say it’s a must see in 3D.  Save your money for a movie where the 3D is worth the cost.  I asked my son, 8yo, what he thought of the movie.  He said, “it was very very sad” but that he “liked it.”  Some younger or more sensitive children could be affected by the movie. If you go, stay until the very end.  It’s not a typical stinger, but a very sweet addition by the people who worked on the film.

Coco opens nationwide Wednesday (11/22/17).

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Rated PG, Run Time 109 minutes, #PixarCoco

Disclaimer: I attended a media screening of this movie.