Easy Homemade Budget-Friendly Kid Costumes for Halloween

Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. Dressing up, staying out late, and eating candy are the best a kid could ask for. My mom would start asking me in the summer what I was thinking of for a costume and we’d go to the fabric store to look at patterns.

We have rounded up some of our favorite easy homemade budget-friendly kid costumes for Halloween!

Easy Homemade Budget-Friendly Kid Costumes for Halloween

Sweet Honey Bee – You could take a yellow t-shirt and paint black stripes on it; put over black leggings/pants and voila!

Man At Work – super cute and creative!

If you already have a dancer in the home, a ballerina is a simple solution!

All a princess needs is a pretty gown and a tiara. Think Goodwill, Savers, or maybe the back of your closet!

Add fairy wings to that princess and you could have a fairy princess!

Add flowers to the fairy princess and you have a garden fairy!

Let their inner rock star shine! Make a microphone using an empty paper towel roll and tin foil!

Seriously cute – a bag of jelly beans!

Thinking of balloons. You could do the age old “bunch of grapes”. Green or purple balloons blown up and taped to your outfit, looking like a bunch of grapes.

You can always resort to the oldest “go-to” in the book. A white sheet with eye holes cut out for the classic ghost costume.

A big baby or big kid. Pigtails, footy pajamas, and a stuffed animal. Bam.

I love this idea of a nerd!

Do you have a Pokemon fan!? A blue polo shirt, jeans, and a cap – you got Ash!

Zombies are pretty fun and easy to do. Torn clothes with a little dirt thrown on them and makeup to give them the dead look works perfect!

A vet or a doctor can be an easy and cheap costume!

Take a white shirt and white pants and paint black stripes for a jail bird. (Or you a black shirt and black pants with white painted stripes.)

A swimsuit, flip flops, a paper bag and a lei and you have your own Hula Girl!

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Do you have any additional affordable DIY Halloween costumes to add to the list? Leave your costume idea in the links and we will add it to the list!

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