Halloween Scavenger Hunt

You and you family will love going on this Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is such a fun tradition to do with your family or youth group!
Here’s how we do it: invite a couple of other families/groups to play and print out a scavenger hunt list for each car.
Grab your cameras or cell phones, then set a timer for 45 minutes and GO!
 {We like to split up into separate neighborhoods, if possible, so you can each find different things.}
Try to find as many items on the list as you can and take a picture of each one.
For #10 “Spooky Music” you’ll need to take a short video to capture it fully.
When your time is up, meet with the other families/teams to compare your findings and enjoy some delicious treats like these Pumpkin desserts or Hot Cocoa recipes.
It’s a great way to spend Family Night!

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