Labeling Made Easy with kidecals

Disclosure: I received free name labels in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

With the school year upon us, I found myself dragging out the permanent markers and labeling all of the kids’ things for school.

Lucky for me, I found kidecals!

Labeling Made Easy with kidecals

kidecals have labels for just about everything you can think of!

Since the big kids were starting school, I focused on name labels for them so we could label their school stuff:

kidecals Labels


Pencil Case
Lunch Box
Allergy Warnings

I have to admit, I was extremely impressed with the labels.

I have seen labels that are thin, don’t stick very well, fall off, get torn, and just plain don’t look nice.

kidecals labels look great (especially with all the different designs to choose from), they are very durable and thicker than most labels, and have stuck on everything we have put them on.

There are a million and one uses for kidecals Labels

Don’t have school aged children just yet? That’s okay too! Here are some uses for around the home!


Sippy Cups
Baby Bottles
Formula Containers
Diaper Bag
Water Bottles
Snack Containers
Video Games
Gaming Systems
Wall Decor
Food/Canning Labels

kidecals has wall decals to decorate the home, chalkboard labels, and even keyboard labels to label the letters on your keyboard (which is great when you have an older, well used keyboard and can no longer see the letters!)

Maybe you don’t have human kids but fur kids. That’s okay too! You could label their dishes for if they attend doggy daycare or get boarded when you travel! You could label their traveling kennel if you travel with your pet!

There are a million and one uses for labels!

Shopping is super easy too!

The kidecals website is easy to navigate with categories such as uses, age, gender, best sellers, and even value packs!

I loved the big kids’ labels so much that I ordered a pack of labels for my toddler to put on her things too which makes it great when we go to playdates and daycare!

I no longer have to worry about the marker washing away or fading because now I have kidecals labels to label the kids’ belongings!