Monster Jam – A Fun Event for the Young at Heart


One of my fondest childhood memories was walking underneath a monster truck and realizing its tires were bigger than me. My cousins climbed up onto a tire, but my little sisters were too short and I was too scared, so we stayed on the ground. Someone shooed us away but it as an adventure while it lasted. That was about 30 years ago and monster trucks have evolved a lot since then. One thing has not changed though. Kids love monster trucks because they are loud, cool looking, big, and they smash things. Admit it. That is why you like them, too.

Scarlett Bandit

I was lucky enough to take my family to Monster Jam this weekend here in Phoenix. It was my first real monster truck event in a very long time. Most of the trucks I only knew from the toys my children play with, although some, like Grave Digger, go way back in my memories. Our Monster Jam experience was a night of fun, suspense, adventure, and lots of cheering (and even some booing). Monster Jam started with a racing event and then after an intermission the freestyle competition began. While the races were entertaining, the freestyle competition is what everyone was really waiting for. With monster sized jumps, vehicle crushing, and even back flips, it is a high energy experience. I honestly cannot remember cheering or booing (for perceived scoring injustices) so much in a very long time. Grave Digger won the racing competition and Bounty Hunter won the freestyle competition with an amazing display that included the first monster truck back flip I have ever seen. It was truly incredible.

Bounty Hunter Back FlipI highly recommend that your family attend a Monster Jam event. If you go, be sure to buy pit passes so you can come early and meet the drivers and see the trucks up close. The drivers are very friendly and will happily sign autographs. We brought a few of my children’s Monster Jam trucks for autographs and ended up with some very happy children. Dawn Creten, Scarlet Bandit’s driver, was so very nice to my daughter who was very starstruck. Monster Jam is one of the most fan-friendly events we have ever attended. We will definitely be going back!

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Scarlett Bandit Dawn Creten

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary tickets to this event to facilitate this review.

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