The NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan

The NewAir Outdoor Misting fan is a great way to keep cool outdoors in the Arizona heat.

The NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan is a must for outdoor projects.

Behind that sleek fan is a sad, sad backyard.

We’re in the process of redoing the entire thing. I’m excited for the end result but, in the meantime, it is a chore!

We’ve transplanted citrus trees, hauled & spread rock, and pulled more weeds than I can count.

We’re just starting to level out the ground and prep for a sprinkler system. Things were going really well until the searing Arizona heat made an appearance last weekend.

There are so many things I love about Arizona but the summer heat is not one of them. The temperature will probably hit 100° by next week. Ugh!

Enter: The NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan!

It was like Christmas morning seeing that box on my front porch.

It’s so simple to put together; the only tool you need is a phillips head screw driver. I had it out of the box and assembled in about 15-20 minutes. Just hook it up to your outdoor hose and you’re ready to roll. {Almost} instant gratification!

This 18-inch oscillating fan has 3 speed settings (perfect for Arizona’s triple-digit weather). You can adjust the head of the fan vertically and even control the amount of water delivered to the misters with a small lever on the hose attachment itself.

There are 3 small nozzles on the fan that produce a spectacularly fine mist. Even a small breeze will carry those cool little droplets far past the 500 square foot range.

The NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan nozzles produce a fine mist.

My 3 sons thoroughly enjoy standing in the mist! I don’t know if they like the coolness or the fact that they look hilarious to each other through water-streaked glasses but it most certainly helped them to work longer while they were actually getting stuff done out there. They each give it 2 thumbs up. I think they’re secretly envisioning all kinds of water play in a beautifully finished backyard. =)

Let’s go over those specs one more time:

  • Super easy assembly
  • Cools 500 square feet of space
  • Head easily adjusts vertically
  • 18” oscillating head
  • 3 adjustable speed settings
  • 3 misting nozzles

You can buy it online at Amazon or Air-n-Water and at Home Depot stores.

My husband, whom I affectionately (and accurately) call The Stud, wasted no time it putting it to use in the backyard.

Look at him go!


(I wish he had 3 speed settings like the NewAir so we could crank this out faster! HA!)

The NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan makes outdoor projects bearable in the Arizona heat.

The end is in site!

The awesome piece of engineering will carry us through the heat of the summer while we spend quality time with each other . . . and some shovels.

I can’t wait to lay out on my new lawn with my NewAir Misting Fan and some ice cold lemonade.

Welcome, summer!

Disclaimer: I was provided a misting fan for my honest review.