Princess Tea Party Recap

I am back with a short recap of the second Princess workshop put on by Ahwatukee Children’s Theater and Girls Looking Cute! It was  so much fun once again. In addition to a tea party, the girls made crafts, played princess games, and learned a song about how every girl can be a princess.

One of the princess games was, “Pin the crown on the princess.” We used one of the personal outfit assistants from Girls Looking Cute as our princess.

Photo by: Shooting Stars Photography

Here is a better shot of the Girls Looking Cute personal outfit assistants. They are really pretty neat. You can customize your doll to look just like your daughter. Then every night you dress the doll up with tomorrow’s clothes. Boom! No more fussing over what to wear to school the next day, because you already have it set out.

The girls also learned some good manners and how to set the table properly. During the tea party all the girls practiced saying, “yes, please” and “no, thank you.” It was so fun to see all these little girls trying their best to be prim and proper.

Each of the girls got the chance to take a photo with all of the princesses. Then at the end, all of the girls got together for a group shot. Even princesses need to be a little silly sometimes.

Photo by: Shooting Stars Photography

There is one more Princess Workshop left, the Daddy/Daughter & Mother/Son Ball. The ball will be held on April 28, 2012 so you still have time to buy your tickets. Tickets and full information are available here: