Santa Claus Interview

Learn everything you wanted to know in this exclusive Santa Claus Interview!

collage of Santa

Recently I saw my good friend Santa Claus. You may know him. He wears a bright red suit, trimmed in white fur, drives a sleigh, and keeps a stable full of reindeer. On the day we met, he was meeting and greeting all of his friends at the The Pavilions in Scottsdale.

As we sat and visited, I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Me: Santa, It’s nice to see you here. How do you like Arizona?

Santa: I love Arizona. It is COLD at the North Pole.

Me: Did you come down in your sleigh?

Santa: No, the magic only works on Christmas Eve, so that is the only night the sleigh will fly without snow. So I flew down to Flagstaff then took a car.

4 images of Santa ClausMe: What is it like to fly in the sleigh?

Santa: It is wonderful and exciting. Nothing can compare to riding in the sleigh.

Me: Santa, what is your favorite cookie.

Santa: Oh, I LOVE all cookies, but my favorite is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. And contrary to rumors, I am not lactose intolerant.

Me: Do the reindeer like treats too?

Santa: I let them have some treats, but mostly I feed them hay.

Me: Santa, after your big night delivering gifts to all of the good children, what will you be doing on Christmas Day?

Santa: SLEEP!!

There were children waiting to talk to Santa, so I quickly told him what I wanted for Christmas “A parabolic solar cooker” and said goodbye.

Before we left, we also enjoyed meeting Engineer Tom who was giving train rides on the Desert Dwellers Express.collage of holiday train for kids

Santa is very busy this time of year but you can see him at many events before Christmas. If you would like to locate Santa, check out his schedule on I.M.Santa Claus to find out where he’ll be next. Maybe he’s coming to your house! Have you seen Santa this year, tell us where in the comments below.