Super 6: Iconic Arizona

Monument Valley Antelope Canyon Horseshoe Bend @ the Grand Canyon Havasu Falls

Centennial Cookies

Happy Centennial everyone! I wanted to show you one more centennial themed project before the day was over. I made some Arizona flag sugar cookies. This was my first time making some “fancy” cookies with royal icing. I loved how they turned out. I am clearly not an expert, but I will tell you where […]

Happy 100th Birthday Arizona: Random Facts from Arizona History

I am an Arizona native and although I have lived in many other places, Arizona is my favorite place to be. It is such a diverse community with a rich cultural background and an exciting political history. In honor of Arizona’s centennial celebration, I thought it would be fun to share some random historical facts about Arizona. Some of these facts are common knowledge and some are not. Enjoy! Arizona used to be part of […]

Arizona Centennial Banner

Here is a fun Arizona craft to make and do a little Arizona Centennial decorating. The heart cut-out gives a little nod to Valentine’s day too! Here is how you can make it:Cut out the silhouette of Arizona and add a heart cut-out where Phoenix is.Here is the silhouette of Arizona that I used in […]