The BoxTrolls Movie Review

The Boxtrolls are a community of quirky, mischievous creatures who have raised a human boy named Eggs in an amazing cavernous home that they built beneath the streets of the city, Cheesebridge. When the town’s villain, Archibald Snatcher, comes up with a plot to get rid of the Boxtrolls to improve his own status in the city, Eggs decides to venture above ground where he teams up with the fabulously feisty Winnie. Together, they devise a plan to save Eggs’ family and defeat the villain and his gang.

The BoxTrolls Movie Review

The Boxtrolls is a family friendly movie from the makers of Coraline and ParaNorman, both of which were Academy Award nominees for Best Animated Feature Film. This is the third feature production for the Oregon-based animation studio LAIKA. It was shot on-site in 3D.  The Boxtrolls movie is a stop-animation movie.  “Stop-motion animation is a very elementary process. You merely move an object and take a picture – simple. But, like most things that are simple, it’s just about the hardest thing in the world to do well, ” according to producer and lead animator Travis Knight.

The BoxTrolls Movie Poster

The BoxTrolls Voice Cast:
Ben Kingsley,
Isaac Hempstead Wright,
Elle Fanning,
Dee Bradley Baker,
Steve Blum,
Toni Collette,
Jared Harris,
Nick Frost,
Richard Ayoade,
Tracy Morgan, and
Simon Pegg
The BoxTrolls Movie Review

I wasn’t sure if I would like this movie as it really didn’t appeal to me, plus I’m not a huge fan of claymation and stop-animation.  I attended the media preview so that I could watch it before my kids see it.  Imagine my surprise that I really enjoyed the movie.  There was a part of the movie that really hit close to home and I couldn’t stop laughing.  There is one character that is allergic to cheese and the way he reacts is EXACTLY how I react to cheese.  I think I was the only one in the theater laughing, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Will my kids (5yo & 10yo) go see the movie?  I think so. I do worry that it might be a little dark for my 5yo and other young children, but my 10yo will enjoy the movie for sure.

The BoxTrolls is rated PG and is in theaters beginning 9/26/14!
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Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the movie screening for the media.

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