The New Look of Gold Canyon Candles


I have been a huge fan of Gold Canyon Candles for years.  I love that the scents really fill up a room.  I love that the candles last a long time.  I didn’t love the label and the boring jar they came in.

The new Heritage Line with Diamond-Light is beautiful and a more current look. It has the same quality as the previous line.  I was given the Ginger Lime scent to try in my bedroom.  I love it!  It puts off such a lovely scent and beautiful sparkle.  The new Heritage line honors their 15 year history with a new energy.  The label has been removed to reveal a stunning and brilliant diamond cut glass!  I really am enjoying this new look!

This year marks the third year that Gold Canyon Candles is donating 10% of the retail value of the Pink Sugar Cookie Candle to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.  Sugar Cookie is the perfect scent for any kitchen and it benefits a great cause this time of year.  Get one to honor all the women in your life!

Unfortunately, you can’t find these candles in stores.  Only from a consultant.  Have a party and earn some free product, become a consultant yourself, or just buy the candles for your home and for gifts for upcoming holidays!   Even if there isn’t a consultant near you, you can still get these wonderful candles.

Shari has been selling candles for several years.  I think you will appreciate her knowledge and expertise when it comes to shopping for the perfect candle, whether it’s for you or for a gift.   She is passionate about selling these candles and it shows.  She loves what she does.  Check out Shari’s Gold Canyon Candle website for online ordering, hosting a party (in person or online) or for more information about becoming a consultant!


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