Tips for Photographing your own Children

I have been photographing client’s children now for about 6 years. Believe it or not, until a couple of years ago, it seemed easier to photograph other peoples children rather then my own.  With these simple tips I have captured some great moments of my children without pulling my hair out!

Tips for photographing your own children


Tips for Photographing your own Children


Until I learned to stop doing this with my children, even my older kids, I was ready to throw in the towel with taking their photographs. I have learned through trial in error to allow my kids to laugh and giggle, or even dance in front of the camera to make some great photographs. Not only will this be fun for them, but also it will allow their personalities to shine through and create some great memories. ( The bonus, you won’t be pulling your hair out!) This is one of my favorites; in fact I blew this up into a large canvas that’s hanging in my bedroom of my three kids.   The kids had so much fun, and  every time they look at this photo they laugh and remember how funny this moment really was. And really that’s what pictures are all about right? Creating great memories?



Some of my favorite pictures I have taken of my kids are when they don’t know I am photographing them at all. Sometimes I will peak around the corner when my oldest daughter is on her bed reading a book, or my littlest one is playing in her room.  Do not be afraid to bump your ISO up on your camera for darker lighting situations to grab a great shot of your child doing something great in their own environment. AVOID using that on camera flash at all costs, it’s really can create unflattering lighting. For more information on lighting and ISO you can read my article here:



One of the things I make sure to do with my kids is to photograph even the smallest details. It might be that I am a sappy mama who wants to capture ALL of their details all the time, but I find it really helps me tell a story about that moment, or memory I am trying to savor.  So instead of just capturing photographs of their faces, try to shoot at the hip and grab pictures of their tiny piggies and the colors of their crayons that their little fingers are holding onto.


I hope you find these tips helpful and that you KEEP CALM AND PHOTOGRAPH ON!



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