Tips for Taking Great Summer Vacation Photos


Summer vacation photographs are so important to take. Whether it is with an IPhone, Android, tablet, point and shoot, or a DSLR, you are capturing priceless memories to last a lifetime.  In fact each year I have started to make a photo books of our vacations so we always have them to look back on.  We recently just returned from one of our favorite places to visit to Rocky Pointe, Mexico.  There are always photo opportunities whether it be on the beach, site seeing, or taking your on family photographs with a trusty remote or camera timer.  These are some tips that I remember to do when I venture out on a summer family vacation.

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  1. I always pack a small point and shoot camera, or use my Android camera phone, and many people now also use their tablets.  It is not always fun to lug around my very heavy DSLR and lens especially if we are going exploring, and I also do not like to ever take my camera around the water, so my Note 4 comes in handy.  I took my Note 4 down with me to the beach to take some photographs of my kids and their friends around the ocean. I love detail shots, especially my youngest tiny feet.  These make great images to put into a photo book of your vacation.



  1. Make sure to include yourself in photographs. It wasn’t until this year that I really went through some family photos and realized I was missing from a great deal of them. I love being behind the camera, but am starting to make it a point to be in front of the camera as well. This is important so my kids have memories of me with them as well.  I’ve started taking selfies with my kids, setting the timer on my camera, using a remote, or asking a friend that I trust with my camera to take some photographs of my family and myself.  This trip we traveled with close friends and so I had them take some family photographs of our family on the beach. Mexico-blogunnamed


  1. Take photographs not only of the people you travel with but the landscape and places you venture out to explore. I love taking photographs of buildings, architecture, sunsets, and scenery.  These images also tap into my senses and remind me of what it felt like to see, smell, and touch the places our family visited.

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  1.  Have fun taking your photos. Not ever photograph has to be posed, some of my favorites are candid vacation moments, whether it be laughing or catching someone just staring off into the worlds beauty.

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Enjoy your summer! Keep calm and photograph on,


Melissa Donaldson Photography, LLC.