Best of Apache Junction, Arizona

Let’s travel to the east East Valley to check out the best of Apache Junction, Arizona!

Best of Apache Junction

Best of Apache Junction Arizona

Best Urban Trail

East Valley Mom Guide says Silly Mountain Park is the best urban trail in AJ.

Best Mexican Food

Los Gringos Locos was rated by EVMG as the best Mexican food in AJ. Another local favorite is Elvira’s

Best BBQ

The Mining Camp Restaurant in AJ was listed by EVMG as the best BBQ.

Best Italian

Scuttlebutts is the best Italian food in AJ as voted by EVMG and Google!

Best Park

Another area where EVMG and Google agreed was on Prospector Park which has breathtaking views of the Superstition mountains! (Beware, if you try to Google search this park, the address varies between Mesa and Apache Junction depending on the site.)

Best Birthday Venue

EVMG listed the Multi-Generational Center in AJ as the best birthday venue.

Best Museum

Superstition Mountain Museum was voted best museum at EVMG.

Public Swimming Pool

There was no vote for public swimming pool, but I happened across Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center, which looks like a great place to swim!

Did I miss any!? Do you have a Best of Apache Junction location that we missed from our list? Be sure to leave it in the comments so we can check it out.

Be sure to come back and see the best of the rest of the East Valley too!