Arizona Holiday Light Displays

Each year several cities and towns go all out with lights and decorations for the holiday season. Here are a few of the best Arizona holiday light displays. Arizona’s dark skies and gorgeous landscapes make for a beautiful place to celebrate the holiday season. Each year several cities and towns go all out with lights […]

Best of Apache Junction, Arizona

Let’s travel to the east East Valley to check out the best of Apache Junction, Arizona! Best of Apache Junction Arizona Best Urban Trail East Valley Mom Guide says Silly Mountain Park is the best urban trail in AJ. Best Mexican Food Los Gringos Locos was rated by EVMG as the best Mexican food in AJ. […]

Best of Scottsdale, Arizona

This month, EVMG is introducing the best of Scottsdale, Arizona! We the best BBQ, best urban trail, best birthday party venue, best splash pad and more, all in our round up of the Best of Scottsdale, Arizona! Best of Scottsdale, Arizona Best Urban Trail The major hiking trails in Scottsdale appear to be the Scottsdale’s […]

Best of Mesa, Arizona

EVMG presents our guide to the Best of Mesa, AZ including best BBQ, Mexican food, Italian food, public park, splash pad, museum, party venue and more!   Best of Mesa AZ Best Mexican Food The Original Blue Adobe Grill was voted by our East Valley Mom Guide contributors. They offer breakfast on Sunday mornings as well […]

East Valley and Surrounding Arizona Farmers Markets

One thing I love best about Arizona is the farmers markets! East Valley and surrounding Arizona farmers markets are open seasonally (during the cooler months and not as much during the heat) and year round. I even found some indoor farmers markets! East Valley Agritopia Farmers Market Wednesday, 5:00pm to 8:00pm Saturday, 8:00am to 12:00pm […]

Circus Vargas is Coming to Arizona!

I have a small confession to make – I love the circus. I don’t know what it is, but I love the magical feel of the circus. I was privileged enough to attend Cirque de Soleil a couple years ago and while I have yet to find something that lives up to it – I’m […]

8 Reasons You Should Be Solar Cooking

These are my 8 Reasons You Should Be Solar Cooking in Arizona. You only need the sun for a fun outdoor cooking adventure. It’s Arizona. It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s really really hot. It’s so hot that you can boil eggs in the pool. The air conditioner is working overtime 24/7, and the electric meter […]

Arizona Local Produce

I don’t know about your home, but in our house, finding produce that (a) the kids enjoy and (b) don’t break the bank can be a difficult task, but there is nothing I like more than supporting local produce growers, saving money, and buying local. Here you can find Arizona Local Produce including “U Pick” […]

25% off Arizona WOWW

From now until May 25, 2012 you can get 25% off your order of Arizona, Way Out West & Wacky and Arizona, Way Out West & Witty. These award winning books written by local authors highlight Arizona’s history with true but gross, humorous, interesting and wacky stories and facts about the Grand Canyon State. Readers […]

Super 6: Arizona Yellow

Mellow Yellow Lighting Rainbow Beautiful Weeds Sundevils   Battling Male Yellow Warblers   Gates Pass Sunset