Big Boys and their Toys: Monster Jam

My family attended Monster Jam last weekend.  We’ve done other monster truck shows, but I have to say this one was the best by far.  Chase Field was a great venue.  There really were no bad seats and the entire field was utilized for the event.  The track was fun and set in sort of a figure out, so everyone enjoyed watching the trucks attempt that.  There was very little down time as there were lots of other little events between truck races that did not take a lot of set up.

Of course one of the highlights for my kids is the Pit Party!  You get to go down on the track and meet the drivers, get autographs, and pictures.  My son loved meeting the drivers and seeing the trucks.  My 7yo daughter loved running up and down all the huge mounds of dirt.

Meeting the driver of Tasmanian Devil!

Besides the trucks, our family loved the freestyle ATV tricks.  Especially when the ATVs did back flips…we’ve never seen that before and the kids went wild!

The only complaints we had were that many of the popular trucks were not at the event.  Also Grave Digger…the highlight and featured truck…broke down.  Obviously, no one can control trucks breaking, but we were disappointed none the less.  However, Ryan in Son-uva Digger decided to run his truck into the ground after he won the freestyle event.  It was awesome!  Too bad my kids were asleep by then.  Not too worry, though….I got it on video.

We are officially Monster Jam and monster truck fans!  Something I never thought we would be, but my son (almost 3) has about 50 trucks and plays with them all day!  I would recommend going to a show if you ever have a chance…it’s good, clean fun for the whole family.

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