BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: Making Family Dining Easier


I love to dine out with my family, but I have to be honest. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge with kiddos in tow. A lot of restaurants no longer take reservations so getting into a nice place can mean entertaining the kids for 30 minutes while you wait for a table. Then there is the ordering ritual. Here is how it works in my family. Husband looks at the menu to decide what he wants. Mom looks at kids’ menu to help kids decide what they want. Then the server comes to take the order and everyone knows what they want except mom, because she hasn’t even looked at the her menu yet. Sound familiar? Well guess what? BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse has an app that deals with all of those issues and more.

My family was recently treated to dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse so we could test out the app. I had never been to BJ’s before and after our visit I can tell you I have been missing out! More about the delicious food later. First, let me tell you about this fantastic app and how it can save you time and money the next time you dine out.

Check out what this app allows you to do.



That’s pretty cool, not to mention useful! The app is easy to use as well. Before our visit, I put us on the preferred waitlist. Check out the screenshot below. Once we got to the restaurant, we had no wait at all.



I also used the app to order our food ahead of time. The app includes a detailed menu with prices so it was easy to decide what we wanted and we could see our bill total before we even ordered. An added bonus was that I knew what I wanted when it was time to order (when does that happen?).


I ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo and it was amazing. I haven’t had a restaurant pasta dish that good in a long time. I took a picture of it but the restaurant lighting was not food photography quality, sigh. Trust me, it was a beautiful dish. We also had the Crispy Fried Artichoke Hearts appetizer. Yum-o! We hadn’t initially ordered an appetizer using the app, but it was easy to add an item to our order once we were seated. Also, the benefit of ordering ahead is that your order starts getting made when you are seated. That saves time and makes for a more relaxing experience.

12496_10152420360509213_4806876844757428936_nI don’t really drink but since the place is called BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse I figured hubby should try out their creations. He was brought a few varieties to try out and hubby liked them all. His favorite was the Jeremiah Red (in the middle). I tried a sip and it did not taste the way I thought beer tasted. Still, not for me, but if you like beer, you need to try it out.

BeerFinally, we got our dessert and oh-my-goodness, the Pizookie® is delicious. We got the Pizookie® Trio with three different kinds of cookies: cookies’n’cream, peanut butter, and chocolate chunk. We got chocolate ice cream on top of the peanut butter cookie and vanilla on the others. I took this picture and just looking at it and remembering how good it tasted makes me want to hop back into the car and go eat a Pizookie®.


One nice thing about the BJ’s app is that you can pay anytime and don’t have to wait for a response to “check please.” And for a limited time, guests can even save $5 off all orders $20 or more when they use the Dine-In Order Ahead, Take Out Order Ahead, or Mobile Pay features through the app.


I was so glad to visit BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. We really enjoyed our food, the friendly service, and the convenience of the app. We will definitely be going back and the app will be staying on my phone.

Congrats to Debbie F. who won the BJ’s gift card giveaway!

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  1. Alexis Salerno says

    I love the preferred wait list and the mobile pay!

  2. T.h.Ransom says

    I like the Mobile Pay feature!

  3. The app is so unique that I love everything about it! But gotta admit…love those coupons!!!

  4. I love the mobile pay feature. Sometimes by the end of the meal, it is just time to get out of there!

  5. I love the mobile pay feature!

  6. Rosa McCants says

    I like the mobile pay application the best. Not having to wait on a waiter or waitress to bring our check is a big timesaver.

  7. I love the convenience of mobile pay and the coupon!!

  8. The mobile pay sounds awesome!

  9. I love the preferred wait time!!! My hubby never wants to go out on weekends because everywhere is busy with long waits! But he would love this!!

  10. I love the mobile pay option! I hate when after a meal the kids are getting cranky and all you’re waiting on is paying the bill! This will definitely help!

  11. Preferred wait list. Especially with large groups. Haven’t been there in awhile. Would love to go again soon

  12. Convenience!

  13. Sue Ellison says

    I love the mobile pay feature, no more waiting when you are pressed for time.

  14. I love the mobile pay app. So awesome to be able to wrap things up when you are ready.

  15. I love the mobile pay portion of the app. So awesome to be able to wrap things up whenever I’m ready.

  16. Love the mobile pay feature! Especially when it has the $5 off for using it like last time we were there 😉

  17. I like that you can pay whenever you want; you don’t have to wait for them to bring the check.

  18. Anytime you can order ahead – win! The mobile pay feature rocks, too. Great things they’re doing at BJs!

  19. Debbie Fournier says

    The preferred wait list is cool. Can’t wait to try the mobile pay out for the first time.

  20. Preferred wait list. Can’t wait to try it out

  21. I like the Mobile Pay.

  22. Pay when I want

  23. I love that you can order ahead of time!

  24. Ooh I really like that preferred wait list thing. And I prefer an app like this as opposed to this “tablet” at the table thing that has games my son begs to play!

  25. I like the preferred wait list. We often go out with our friends for dinner on Sat night before we go to the square dance. This would be great because sometimes we don’t know exactly how many will be joining us until that day.

  26. Allisha Gold says

    My favorite feature is being able to pay through your phone 🙂