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One of our “summer bucket list” activities is making cookies, but I was seriously dragging my feet on this one. Why, you ask? Because as much as I love baking, I absolutely cannot bring myself to turn on my oven when it’s so dang hot outside! My kids and I were so excited when we were invited to the Cookie Doughjo to bake our own cookies.

My mom had me in the kitchen from a young age, and I believe that my understanding of fractions comes directly from baking. What’s better than math and science you can eat? The Cookie Doughjo provides that great learning experience for kids and you can just be there and have fun with them. Plus, little ones are working on fine motor skills, early reading, and following steps/directions. So cool.

My boys had such a great time and I was really taken aback by the way they all sat so nicely and did all the steps. Even my toddler was occupied the entire time. The staff worked really well with all the kids and were super organized with the ingredients and instructions. When our cookies were baking, we decorated boxes to carry them home in. Genius move since otherwise you’d have kids running around excited about cookies! They also had chocolate milk and cookies to eat while we waited. My boys were so proud to bring their cookies home and share something they had made themselves. I would definitely recommend heading over to check The Cookie Doughjo out!

The Cookie Doughjo


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The Cookie Doughjo offers birthday party packages for up to 20 people.

Disclaimer: We were invited to a complimentary cookie making session at the Cookie Doughjo. All opinions are my own.


  1. Randee Giberson says

    My favorite cookie is a SNICKERDOODLE!