Desert Breeze Park

Desert Breeze park is an awesome park. Today my family went to explore this park! There is so much to do it is hard to figure out where to start.

There is a great big playground that kids will love to explore for hours! My son literally ran from end to end and back again over and over. There are several slides, some monkey bars, swings and a whole lot more!


Right next to the playground there is a little splash pad!  It has 4 to 5 little fountains shaped like animals for the kids to run through. I had a hard time getting my son away from the splash pad! There are places in the shade surrounding the entire splash pad for parents to sit while the kids run off all their energy.



I finally got my kiddo away from the splash pad when he saw the train. This is a cute little train that goes around the whole park.


The kids love it and you love it because you can sit and enjoy the view! While it goes around the track you see a little lake with ducks and a blue heron or two.  You can even fish in the lake. This park is huge without riding the train I would not have known there was a volleyball, and tennis courts along with a huge field for stuff like soccer or baseball. It was actually relaxing! I think I enjoyed it as much as my son.

When we got back to the station my son made a beeline to the carousel which is in the same area as the train.  This was the first time he rode a carousel without crying! He wanted to go on it! Not sure if it was that he is older or that he was just relaxed from everything else we had done, either way he LOVED it!

After we were done with everything my son was hungry so I got a little snack for him a little snow cone from the snack shack! They have lots of little snacks and even hot dogs!

We ended the day with a snow cone and a drink. He was a happy little man!

The park and splash pad are free

For the train and the carousel the prices are:
Train: 3 tickets
Carousel : 2 Tickets
Each ticket: $1.00
You can get a book of tickets for $16.00
Wrist band $6.00
1 year pass: $39.95

They also do birthday parties and group rates!

Go check them out with your family! It is well worth it!! Desert Breeze is in Chandler located between Ray and Chandler Road just east of Rural Rd.

I hope we will see you there!



  1. I grew up at Desert Breeze! Love that park! So fun taking my kids there now after all these years!

  2. It is not just fun for children. I took my aging mother there often. She loved walking around the lake, and watching the ducks, the train, and the kids!