Discover Lost Egypt at Arizona Science Center

Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science CenterOne of my family’s favorite places to visit is the Arizona Science Center.  We have a family membership, so we go often and love to explore the new traveling exhibits.  There are over 300 hands on activities for the kids and the ASC is always bringing in fun new demos for special events.  In addition to the demos, the Arizona Science Center hosts several traveling shows every year and the current exhibit, Lost Egypt, is one that you shouldn’t miss.  Discover Lost Egypt at Arizona Science Center now until September 1st.

I took the kids last week for a afternoon of discovery and education of Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science.  As with many of the exhibits at the ASC, the first section visually transports you to the time and place of the exhibit.  There are scenes of modern Egyptian streets to help you enter the world of Egypt.  The photos are big and colorful, but the kids instinctively knew where to go.

Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center

Turning the corner of the exhibit, the kids and I were greeted by Sarah, a life sized camel statue, that we had to have our photo with.  The kids are encouraged to jump on and take a picture or a selfie with Sarah.  (Tag @azscience and #lostegypt on Instagram if you do).  While the kids are high upon Sarah’s back they can see the all the hands on activities, so they quickly jumped down, and took off in different directions to play and learn.

Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center

There is an 18 inch 3-D pyramid puzzle, a wind/sand box to uncover the pyramids, and stone demo that shows how the Egyptians were able to move all those stones into place.  The kids spent most of their time here, but while they played I checked out some of the other artifacts in the area.

Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center
After the kids had their fill of the hands on exhibits, we headed over to mummy room.  There is a real human mummy on display as well as a few animals and other funerary artifacts.  The mummy is “Annie” a girl in her late teens.  The kids loved reading her story and all her details.

Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center

My favorite part of the exhibit were the scans.  Modern scientists have been able to use current technology to scan mummies to see what they look like on the inside without disturbing or unwrapping them.  The photos and information were incredible.

There will be various demos and activities during the entire run of the exhibit that will take you further into the world of ancient Egypt.

What: Lost Egypt Interactive Exhibit at the Arizona Science Center
When: May 31- Sept 1, 2014
Hours: Daily from 10am – 5pm (closed Thanksgiving/Christmas)
Where: 600 E Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Cost: Tickets are $26.95 (adult), $23.95 (senior) and $19.95 (child), which include general admission. $8 (adult) and $6 (child) for ASC Members.
For More Information: visit — or call — (602) 716-2000

 Discover Lost Egypt at the Arizona Science Center

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  1. Kathleen says

    I saw an ad for this and it looks amazing! My girls have been studying Egypt and would love going to this exhibit.

  2. Dee Parker says

    I find Egyptian history fascinating. Also, love air-conditioned activities in the summer!

  3. Melissa Acosta says

    This would be so fun to take my nieces and nephew to 🙂

  4. Egypt and mummies are so cool

  5. Christina says

    My 8 Year-old son is very interested in Egyptology.

  6. Breanna Jones says

    This looks so fun!!

  7. Jennifer jensen says

    We love the science center and would love to see the new exhibit!

  8. Rachael Sharp says

    My daughter is the biggest fan of Ancient Egypt! Would love to be able to take both of my girls!

  9. My kids and I would love to go! Looks like a lot of fun while learning!

  10. Looks like fun. We have never been

  11. Ashley A says

    This looks like a ton of fun! Looks like ypur family had a great time so we will too!

  12. Jennifer Taylor Clark says

    Looks like fun! Would love to take my two little boys to the Arizona Science Center for the first time and learn about Ancient Egypt!

  13. We love the science center!

  14. My husband has been to Egypt so my son would love this exhibit!

  15. Would love to take the kids!

  16. Looks amazing. Would be great to see this

  17. My two boys would absolutely love this exhibit!

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  19. My oldest is very interested in history and science stuff!

  20. Rachelle says

    Would love to win! Thanks

  21. Jennifer Clark says

    Looks like fun! Would love to win this to take my two kids to check it out as they are very interested in learning about ancient Egypt!

  22. I really want to see the Mummy!

  23. Such an interesting exhibit!

  24. I’ve heard this is such a fun exhibit! Both our boys would love this after studying Egypt in school!

  25. My daughter and I would love to visit this exhibit!

  26. Would love to win!

  27. We would love to win! My kiddos have studied ancient Egypt and would love to go and see this. Thank you 🙂

  28. Jennifer Jensen says

    My 4 year old loves the science center, we would love these!

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