Frozen Inspired Ornament

 This Frozen inspired ornament will delight your little ones this holiday season!

Frozen inspired ornament cover

Frozen is one of the most popular movies of all-time. And winter is the perfect season for creating all things Frozen, like this Frozen Snowflake Wreath.

You only need a few supplies and your kids can join in the fun with their own Frozen inspired ornament.

frozen ornament supplies

– clear ornaments {I got mine at Wal-Mart for $1 each. They’re plastic so they won’t break easily.}

– epsom salt {This is for an Elsa-inspired ornament. You can get it at any Dollar Store.}

– glue stick {This is what you’ll use to make the swirls on the outside of Elsa’s ornament.}

– ribbon {Choose a color to match your favorite Frozen princess.}

– paint {Again, choose colors that represent Elsa- blue/white or Ana- purple/pink.}

– cups {You’ll need something for the extra paint to drain into while your ornament dries.}

Here’s how to create your paint swirled ornament:

ornament steps1

1- Start by removing the tops from the ornaments.

2- Add several squirts of paint inside the ornament.

3- Shake the ornament to coat the inside. I shake mine inside a cups to prevent paint splatters from spreading.

4- Place ornament top-side-down in cup and allow paint to dry.

ornament steps2

5- For an Elsa ornament, cover the bottom of pre-painted ornament with glue. For an Ana ornament, use white paint to add a braid on the outside of your ornament.

6- Pour some Epsom salt onto a plate and roll the glue-side of the ornament until Epsom salt sticks.

7- Add icy swirls by “drawing” them with the glue sticks first, then rolling in Epsom salt.

8- Reattach the ornament top and tie ribbon on for hanging.


That’s it! Vary the amounts of paint colors and outer swirls to make each one as unique as your little princess.


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