Healthy Halloween “Brain Food”

Add a creepy treat to your party with this easy-to-make healthy Halloween “brain food”.

Add this healthy Halloween "brain food" to your party table with this creepy carved watermelon.Halloween is in full swing! We ‘re gearing up for fun festivities by preparing silly games, original costumes, and fun food.

This year my family has been invited to a friend’s Halloween party but I need to bring a spooky treat. . . but what? Hmm . . .come on, brain. . . LIGHT BULB!

Follow these simple steps to wow your guests with this healthy treat.It's easy to add this healthy Halloween "brain food" to your party with this tutorial.1. Start with a small seedless watermelon. (I picked mine up at a Fry’s food store.)

2. Remove the green outer skin. I found that it works best to use a paring knife. A peeler doesn’t go deep enough to see the white of the rind.

3. Be careful not to take off too much skin; the red of the watermelon shows right through!

4. Once all the green skin has been cut off, you’re ready to carve.

5. Start by making a vertical like down the middle from one end to the other. This will be the center of your “brain”.

6. Starting at the center line, cut small chunks out. Try to curve in and out to simulate the brain’s tissue. (Wow, that sounds really gross!) Continue cutting and carving until both halves are complete.

Your little zombies will love this healthy Halloween "brain food"!That’s it! Quick, easy and super spooky!

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