Kid Craft: Spring Flowers

Kids can craft a spring flower garden with this easy tutorial!

Kids will enjoy creating their own spring flowers.

My 10-year-old and I sat down and whipped up a fun flower to display during spring.

You only need a few supplies to create these spring flowers:

A few simple supplies will make these spring flowers.

You’ll need 5 toilet paper tubes for each flower you’d like to make.

1 – Start by folding each tube in half.

2 – Glue the open ends together with a dab of hot glue.

3 – Glue each folded tube to another to form the flower petals.

4 – Glue straw or skewer stick in between last “petals”.
(We started with a bendable straw but it didn’t hold the flower up so we switched it out for a skewer that we painted green.)

The first steps in creating spring flowers.

Now you’re ready to paint your flower!

I chose bright, spring colors but my son, the Minecraft fan, chose creeper colors. He was happy so that’s all that counts, right? =)

5 – Using a brush, paint a design on your flower. I did horizontal stripes but my son did vertical ones.

6 – You may choose to pain the inside of each tube for a more finished look.

7 – Once painted, add a dab of hot glue in the center of your flower.

8 – Add a pom pom to the flower’s center.

The next steps in creating spring flowers.

Now you’re ready to “plant” your flower!

9 – Paint a toilet paper tube green, inside and out.

10 – Place a piece of craft foam inside a pot or bucket.

11 – Fold green tube in center to form “leaves”.

12 – Push the skewer or straw through the tube into the foam to secure.

The last steps in creating spring flowers.

My son had the idea to cover up the foam with more pom poms to match our color choices. I think faux moss or Easter basket grass would also work well.

Two kid crafted spring flowers.

That’s it! Your spring flowers are ready to brighten any room!