Mini Minion Pinatas

Be ready to party with these Mini Minion Pinatas! Got a get-together?  Planning a party? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? You need minions! These little guys can be ready to party in no time. {By the way, the new Minion movie will be in theaters on July 10, 2015! Woohoo!} You only need a few supplies to […]

Kid Craft: Spring Flowers

Kids can craft a spring flower garden with this easy tutorial! My 10-year-old and I sat down and whipped up a fun flower to display during spring. You only need a few supplies to create these spring flowers: You’ll need 5 toilet paper tubes for each flower you’d like to make. 1 – Start by folding each […]

Ribbon Feather Pinecone Turkey

This ribbon feather pinecone turkey is fun to make and to display. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I like that my kids try to focus on being more grateful for what they have. I love the colors of fall and the cool weather it brings. And compared to other holidays, it has a much lower stress factor! We usually get together with […]

Kids Craft: Money Jar

Here’s a fun craft your kids can make all their own: A Money Jar! I have three boys, just three boys. They are typical boys who love to play video games, make disgusting noises, and use my living room furniture as their own personal gym. However, there are times when I try to broaden their horizons […]