Lucy Bento Lunch Box

I love sharing things with my kids that I enjoyed when I was little, so I of course I was excited to hear about the Peanuts Movie. I get so nostalgic about the characters and memories of watching the specials. My kids don’t get it when I try to explain you had to wait all year for the show to come on! It was an event! (Okay, done with rant.)

Lucy Bento Lunch Box

I always think of Lucy tormenting Charlie Brown by pulling the football away when he tries to kick it. Lucy is definitely bossy and opinionated, and maybe a little full of herself. The advice given from her psychiatry booth is somewhat misguided, but I think deep down she has a good heart.

Even a blockhead can make this cute Lucy bento lunch. I used a food pen and some olives to create Lucy. (If you don’t have a food pen, you could just cut the olives into shapes.) I just flipped the slice of bread upside down for her head and cut a little off to create her ear. Her nose is just a small circle from the scrap bread. The football is a peanut butter pumpkin, and I also included carrots and a babybel cheese.

peanuts movie_Lucy and Charlie Brown

I’m not sure who is looking forward to the movie more, my kids or my husband and I. To celebrate, we are rounding up some amazing recipes, crafts, and printables all inspired by a different character. Come check out the fun and get your gang in the mood for the Peanuts Movie!

Recipes, Crafts, & Printables inspired by the new Peanuts Movie

Charlie Brown Marshmallow Pops from Bread Booze Bacon

Little Red-Haired Girl Chocolate Popcorn from Celebrating Family

Printable Snoopy Dog House from Liz on Call

Woodstock Banana Pudding Filled Chocolate Cupcakes from Big Bear’s Wife

Lucy Bento Lunch Box from East Valley Mom Guide

“Great Pumpkin” White Hot Chocolate + DIY Linus Blanket Mug Cozy from Girl Chef

Peppermint Patty Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Around My Family Table

Pipe Cleaner Glasses Craft from Popsiculture

Dust Storm Salted Toffee Muddy Buddies from Lady Behind The Curtain

Mud Pie Brownies from Sugar and Soul

Schroeder’s Piano Key Cookies from Love Bakes Good Cakes

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  1. […] Lucy Bento Lunch Box from East Valley Mom Guide […]

  2. […] Lucy Bento Lunch Box from East Valley Mom Guide […]

  3. […] Lucy Bento Lunch Box from East Valley Mom Guide […]

  4. […] Lucy Bento Lunch Box from East Valley Mom Guide […]

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