Rainforest Cafe: A Little Adventure With Your Meal

Rainforest cafe

One of my children’s favorite places to eat is the Rainforest Cafe.  They love the wild animal stampede, thunderstorm, the awesome aquariums, and the gift shop (which you have to walk through to enter and leave the restaurant). It is always a lot of fun to visit and can be quite the adventure for the kiddos.  The rainforest atmosphere is complemented by the decor, the animals noises, and the menu itself which includes items with monikers such as Chocolate Volcano, Tropical Tortellini, and Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Wrap.  The kid’s menu has a lot of choices and deciding what they want might be an adventure in itself.

I recently visited the Rainforest Cafe with my children and fellow EVMG blogger Wendy and her family. We had a fun time and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  Kids are generally easy to please when they love the place where they are eating so I will only review the menu items the adults in the group ordered.

Tropical Tortellini

This dish has tri-colored tortellini, sun-died tomatoes, peas, and mushrooms with alfredo sauce. It was quite a flavorful dish. I ordered this because it was one of the few vegetarian items on the menu. It is richer than the pasta I usually eat but was very tasty.

Rio’s Reuben

This is a classic Reuben served on rye and with a side of cole slaw.

Chicken Chimichanga

This chimi come with a flour tortilla that is stuffed with chili rubbed chicken, onions, bell peppers, cheddar and is topped with queso and served with Caribbean rice and black beans.

Overall we enjoyed our dining experience but I will say that we come to the Rainforest Cafe for the exciting scenery. The prices are a little on the high end for the food you get but it is a very unique experience.  Where else can a child eat lunch and rescue their best friend from wild animals?

Oh, and for the adults, there is a bar.  I haven’t had any of Rainforest Cafe’s alcoholic drinks, but they do sound yummy and you get to sit on these fun stools.

Head on over and check out the Rainforest Cafe. It truly is a fun place to eat.

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  1. We live Rainforest for all those same reasons! You can’t beat the ambience.