Howdy partner! Y’all looking for something to do that is different and fun for the whole family?  Last weekend my family was craving something different, so we decided to check out Rawhide.

Rawhide is a old western town that is fun to explore and there is a lot to do with kids.  We started with walking through the town to see what was there!

It is a cute old western town with everything that would be in a real old western town.

Even a jail that you can put a family member in.  HE HE HE!  Ohh the ideas that I can come up with for using this! 😉 You pay to have a friend or family member arrested.

We decided to start with the train! My son LOVES anything with wheels and of course trains are no exception.  On the train trip, they take you on a tour of the graveyard, trading post, and the older part of town which includes an old church and a few stores! The tour guide was really funny and fun to listen to!

Do you see the standing dog in the picture above?

The guide (who owns the dog) could not get him off the train even when he went on break!

After going on the train ride we went to a few shows. All the shows are 15 minutes or less so the kiddos will not get bored!

The first one is at the Six Gun Theater and  Rawhide Roughriders.

The Dalton boys wanted to rob the first bank of the town but were not too successful at it! It is really funny.

My son (who is 4) LOVED the show! He thought the fall from the roof was AWESOME!

After this show we were off to The Texas Kate Wild west show!

This show was a favorite for all of us! It is an animal show. All the animals in the show are rescue animals which is awesome to start off with, but they are fun and entertaining on top of that!

The hosts of the show are really funny and it’s obvious they love doing what they are doing.  They even get the audience involved, which of course my son just LOVED!

There is a great little petting zoo there.  Lots of goats there along with a pony, cow, EMU (yup emu’s), and ducks!  The animals are wonderful and really calm.

The goat in this picture wanted my kiddo’s hat!

There were some sweet little baby goats cuddling by mom.

There are burro rides: 

stage coach rides:

gold panning: 

pig races:

and SO much more!

So, if you are hankerin’ for some old time fun come out and enjoy Rawhide!


Arrest w/warrant and keepsake photo


Ceremony w/certificate and keepsake photo

Admission to Rawhide

Admission to Rawhide is free, except on special event days.

Individual Attraction Tickets available for $5 each.

Town Pass (one-day unlimited usage wristband) is available for $15.
Enjoy as many Rawhide shows and attractions as you would like for $15 per person.

3 and under with paying adult is free!


  1. I keep hearing about this elusive “Rawhide” — so glad to see pics! I wanna go — I mean, I bet my kids will want to go ;).