Safees…Reflectors for Halloween Safety


I recently had a chance to give Safees a try with my kids.  When the package arrived the kids were so excited and pulled everything out of the box.  They started trying to figure out who got which one because they are so fun and stylish.

Safees come in all sorts of fun shapes, sizes, and colors.  But that is just to please the kids…Safees are reflectors that increase your visibility in the dark by up to 500%.

They make perfect additions to your child’s backpack, Halloween costume, bicycle, or even a stroller.  “Safees should be attached on the side on your body that is towards traffic, preferably at knee height. The Safees must be able to swing freely and be visible from the front and back (or you can attach additional Safees on the front & back & on your side too!) for maximum visibility and safety.”   Safees use prisms to reflect the light and is made of a sturdy polystyrene.  Light hits the prisms and it is sent back to the light source making the person or object wearing the reflector visible from long distances in the dark.

Parents…don’t forget to wear one too if you are out at night (running, walking the dog, etc)!  There are some adult friendly designs as well…including a cell phone shaped, skull and cross bones, and clip on variety.  It’s a good idea to protect the whole family!  Why not…they are only $5 each.

We want EVMG families to be safe this Halloween so we have a giveaway of 2 Safees. Pretty cool…let’s support this great new company! 🙂

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