Scary Skull Sandwich



I love making fun sandwiches for my kids and am totally a sucker for all things slightly spooky. Since my oldest started kindergarten this year I have become a little obsessed with cute lunch ideas. (I love and curse you, Pinterest!) We had a friend over for a play date so I decided to try my hand at a skull and crossbones sandwich. Even without a special sandwich cutter, they were easy to make. The boys were announcing, “Now I’m eating the eyes…” and making jokes about pirate “booty.”


Coincidental note: My sons happen to have matching pirate shirts that they wore on this particular day. When my kindergartener came home, he told me they were learning about the letter P. They had read a pirate book, colored a treasure map of our backyard, and he and his classmates were all wearing paper pirate hats. I gave myself some serious mommy points for randomly predicting that one!

Avast! On with the instructions! Here is what you need to create this very simple sandwich:

making sandwich

  • Bread
  • Knife
  • Fixings- I made Nutella sandwiches since we were having a special day. Normally I might do PB & J.
  • Cookie cutters-Really you just need a circular object for eye socket. If you have a small cutter, great! If not, a big straw would work. I happened to have a bone shaped cookie cutter to make the crossbones, but it’s not necessary.
  • Decorations- The original sandwich I packed for my oldest to take to school had two raisins for the nasal cavity and raisin teeth. Our guest was not fond of raisins, so we substituted candy sunflower seeds. Pirates don’t really brush their teeth, so it worked and I just omitted the nose.

That is it! Just cut two little triangles to make the bottom of the skull and make the eye sockets. No special skills required.


I hope you are excited to create some spooky-cute food for your little ones. Check out my Lunch-a-Munch board for more “pinspiration.” I am always looking for ways to think outside the lunchbox, so I’d also love to hear about your fun ideas too!


  1. Love this Carlyn!


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