10 iPhone Apps for Busy Moms

10. Waze (FREE)–This is a fun GPS app.  It gets you where you need to go, but you earn points.  Earn points for everything and extra points for driving down roads not taken often.  You can pick a little icon and he can earn extra points for eating candy.  You get real time traffic reports from other wazers or report your own.  You can confirm other’s reports too…all earning extra points.  The kids love watching our guy gobble up the candies and munching dots on the streets (think pac-man). No registration needed, but you get more features with a free registration!

9. AppBox Pro ($1.99)–My hubbyman actually discovered this one and then I had to have it too!  It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for phones.  LOL!  It has 31 mini apps built in to it.  It has a flashlight, a mirror, a calculator, a monthly cycle feature, and lots more.

8. RedLazer (FREE)–I was shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the manager actually showed me this app.  They use it in their store to match prices.  Basically, you scan an item and it will pull up all the current online prices.  That way you know if you’re getting a good deal.  I used it recently at Toys R Us to price match an item.

7. iPeriod (FREE)–This is my new favorite, despite AppBox Pro having a period calculator.  It will help predict your next cycle and you put in all your fertility signs too.  You can also put it in pregnancy mode!

6. Target Weight (FREE)–I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I love the ease of this app, but HATE the info it’s telling me. LOL!  It gives a push notification that looks like all the other ones on the iPhone that reminds you have much weight you have to lose until you reach your target (that you put in).  It is very easy to use.  I believe if you have a fancy schmancy scale that you can set up the scale to directly talk to the app.

5. Camera+ ($4.99)–This is by far, the best app that I’ve purchased.  Okay, I didn’t buy it cuz I was too cheap, but hubbyman bought it for me cuz he thought I would like it.  You can take and edit the pics using this app.  Trust me!  There is so much you can do in terms of editing with the app that you will be sad when you use the built in iPhone camera app.  There is a high speed mode, so that you can get better pics of something moving fast!  (Think your baby’s first time going down a slide.)

4. Key Ring (FREE)–I stumbled upon this gem, while doing research for this post.  You know all the store cards that you have to sign up for to get a discount…this app manages them!  Gone are the days of having a ginormous wallet to store all those cards or worse yet leaving the one card you need at home because you cleaned out your wallet.  (I’ve done that too many times!) Just scan in your cards and it stores your barcode and card info.  Then when you are at the store, just pull up the card on the app and scan it! EASY!

3. You Version (FREE)–You Version is a Bible app.  It has probably hundreds of Bible translations to pick from.  And you can quickly jump from verison to version or from one book to another.  There are also hundreds of reading plans available too!  I’ve struggled all my life to actually get into the Word daily and now I really have no excuse.  It is always with me and so easy to use.

2. Evernote (FREE)–Evernote is a great tool!  You need to download it to your computer and to your iPhone.  Then it will sync itself.  I use it for major projects or long term plans.  I’m using it to plan my son’s 3rd birthday party.  I take notes while I’m surfing the web for ideas and then everything syncs to my phone so that while I’m out and about I can search for the things I need.  You can also create check lists and mark off what’s been done.   My husband uses it at work to keep track of documents and stuff for work, he loves it.  Enough about him…this is a mom’s guide!  One cool feature, if you can get your hubbyman to download it too, you can share documents with each other.  Think of that last minute shopping list for him to do on his way home from work.  You make the list, share it with him, he shops!  NICE!

And my #1 pick for Busy Moms is…………….

1. Intuition (FREE)–Intuition is a fun and pretty app.  Use it to make a grocery list (it has basic items built into the app), list your chores, list the phone calls you need to make, etc.  It’s a fancy way to keep track of check lists.  It kind of overlaps the functions of Evernote, but this one is pretty and quick to use for your daily to-do lists.  It has a lot of preloaded stuff, but it is also customizable…I added the chores category to help me keep track of what I want to accomplish on a given day.


Well, that’s it…my top 10 iPhone apps.  Do you have one that you really like?  Share it with us.


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  1. I love Evernote and I use it all the time!


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