10 Educational Android Apps for kids


I have an Android tablet and my kids are always begging to use it.  I figure if they are going to have some screen time, I should try to make it educational at least. So here are my 10 favorite Educational Android apps, in no particular order.

  1. iStorybooks – Free. This app is full of storybooks. You can read the text yourself, or have the narrator read the book to you. It has a mix of folktales, fairy tales, and non fiction. It has taken over bedtime at my house, they would rather read one of the iStorybooks stories than have me read something to them off the shelf.
  2. SUPER WHY! – $2.99. If your kids are familiar with the PBS kids show Super Why, then they will love this app. You can interact with the characters from the show and build literacy skills. My preschooler and kindergartner both love it.
  3. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – $1.99. This app has a lot of fun games like puzzles, counting, comparisons, shapes, and letters. The monkey directs you to do a task and then automatically takes you to a different activity. After completing a few activities you can pick a sticker for your sticker book. Definitely an app for younger preschool aged kids.
  4. Kid Mode – FREE. This is probably the best one of the bunch. It locks the home button and keeps your children inside the app. You can set parental controls for what games they can and it even emails you a summary of what your child has done over the week. It does require internet access, so keep that in mind for wi-fi only users.
  5. My First Tangrams  – Free – $1.99- This app has a lot of different shapes to practice with. The tangrams are all very easy but I think it is a good starter for logic puzzles.
  6. Alphabet Car Free – $1.99 I actually had fun playing this app. You are given words to spell and you steer the school bus by tilting your device so it drives into the letters.
  7. Math Training for Kids – Free – $1.99. Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisor and set the difficulty to easy, medium, or hard.
  8. Kids Paint and Color –  Free – $1.99. I have a little artist and we have tried tons of coloring apps. This one is my favorite. There are lots of different pictures to choose from.
  9. Concentration for Kids – Free. Just a fun little concentration game that helps kids sharpen their memory.
  10. Spelling Bee – $.99 – Practice spelling 2300 words with a range of difficulty levels.

What are your favorite kids apps? Please leave a comment, we would love to try them out!

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  1. Nichole K says

    My son LOVES Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. His other favorites are Where’s My Water? There is a free version and an upgraded version and Jump Start Preschool Learning. I think it was like $1.99.

  2. Edna Cole says

    The only one we use is Kid Mode. We’ll have to check out the other ones. THANKS!!!!

  3. Andrew Fidrya says

    I would also recommend Shape Puzzle android app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.ideus.puzzler it is an educational and entertaining game that is full of fun and provides kids with an easy way.


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