Kids Craft: Money Jar

DIY Kids Craft: Money Jar

Here’s a fun craft your kids can make all their own: A Money Jar!

I have three boys, just three boys. They are typical boys who love to play video games, make disgusting noises, and use my living room furniture as their own personal gym. However, there are times when I try to broaden their horizons by making them get crafty! {insert evil mom laugh here.}

They usually enjoy making something of their very own. Sometimes we add an extra element of fun by using only the supplies we have on-hand. It makes them really think (and makes the crafting time last longer). Win-Win!

We recently made these money jars for The Boys to use for stashing their change.

Supplies needed to create your own personal money jar

Supplies needed:

  • Scrap paper (thin works better than thick. I do not recommend using cardstock.)
  • Mod Podge (watered-down glue works well, too)
  • Foam or paint brush
  • Scissors (optional, if you’d like straight edges instead of torn)


  1. Start by cutting or tearing paper into small pieces. We found that 2 x 2 was a good size.
  2. Cover an area of the jar with Mod Podge (we worked on 4 x 4 areas).
  3. Place pieces of paper on Mod Podged area.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until jar is covered.
  5. Once your jar is completely covered in paper, cover the entire thing with Mod Podge.
  6. Set on non-stick surface to let dry (ours took about an hour).

And that’s it!

Simple steps to create a personalized money jar

My scientific-minded son immediately tested each denomination of coin with the jar opening. It turned out that they’ll only hold pennies and dimes. Maybe the jars you have on-hand will have wider openings. =)

Your kids have created their very own money jar, personalized and ready to fill!


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