Mini Minion Pinatas

Be ready to party with these Mini Minion Pinatas!

mini minion pinatas ready to party

Got a get-together?  Planning a party? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

You need minions!

These little guys can be ready to party in no time.

{By the way, the new Minion movie will be in theaters on July 10, 2015! Woohoo!}

You only need a few supplies to bring them to life:

Supplies needed to make mini minion pinatas

– Minion prinatables (made exclusively for EVMG by Sugar Blossoms) PRINT THEM HERE

– several tp tubes (there are 6 different Minions to make!)

– glue stick AND glue gun

– scissors or paper cutter

– small candy

– string

– tissue

And here are the super simple instructions:

how to make a mini minion pinata

1- Print the minions (get them here);   2- Cut the page EXACTLY in half;  3- slice off the far right empty space;  4 – put glue all over the back of the minion

rolling up a mini minion pinata

5- place a tp tube in the center edge on the white, unprinted end;  6- roll tube forward to cover it with the minion;  7 – add a little more glue to the end to secure it;  8 – your minion is looking fabulous!

closing the bottom of a mini minion pinata

9 – fold in the bottom white edge toward to opening of the tp tube;  10 – continue folding in edge all the way around to bottom;  11 – stuff a tissue down in to cover the hole but be flexible enough to release the candy;  12 – your mini minion piñata is ready to fill!

the final steps to make a mini minion pinata

13 – fill tube with a handful od small candy;  14 – place another tissue on top of the candy to give stability;  15 – tape a piece of string on the front of your piñata at the top;  16 – fold edges in toward center (just like to bottom) and secure with hot glue

a completed mini minion pinata ready to party

TADA! These little guys will be the life of the party!

the 6 faces of mini minion pinatas

 Now, party like a minion!


  1. What size is the paper cut to I would like to make these with power Rangers


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